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GeneFAX™ assesses if a genetic test will be beneficial to you and your family. GeneFAX™ also empowers you with information about genetic health and helps you connect with genetic counselors.

Providers & Payors

GeneFAX™ empowers providers and payors to quickly complete the pre-authorization process for a genetic test. Members/ patients conversationally interact with GeneFAX™ to provide required data and understanding the process of genetic testing.

Genetic Labs

With GeneFAX™ genetics labs extend the reach of their tests by identifying, educating and supporting their patients in the genetic testing process. GeneFAX™ boosts business process enhancing productivity and scalability and generates meaningful insights and reviews business analytics.


GeneFAX™ is the world’s first conversational AI platform with BOT interfaces.

GeneFAX™ ChatBOT is a conversational chatbot that seamlessly gathers information from consumers to identify if a genetic test might be beneficial to them such as the Hereditary Cancers Test, Reproductive Screening Test and many more.

GeneFAX™ KnowledgeBOT is an AI driven BOT that allows consumers to ask questions about genetic health. Genetics can be fun and easy to understand. The GeneFAX™ QuizBOT provides genetics education to consumers in a simple, interactive manner.

Connect with a genetic counselor anytime with GeneFAX™ CounselorConnect© to have all your questions answered.

Organizations benefit by increased test uptake, streamlining their business process and enhancing productivity by deploying GeneFAX™ for their consumers. Engage meaningfully with consumers providing them 24*7 support with GeneFAX™. GeneFAX™ automates many business processes such as managing clinic lists, physician reports, downloads and integrates with 3rd party applications and EMR systems.
An AI-powered HIPAA compliant, knowledge platform for genetic health with BOT interfaces.

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Conversational AI for Genomics

GeneFAX™ service is a cloud service that empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy, AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots that can be used to enhance their processes, self-service, and cost reduction efforts.

Built-in Genomic intelligence

GeneFAX™ comes with built-in healthcare AI services, including a patient triaging module and genomics knowledgebase curated from known industry resources, and language understanding models that are tuned to understand genomic and medical terminology.

Security and Compliance

The service aligns to industry and globally recognized security and compliance standards such as ISO 27001, 27018, and CSA Gold and GDPR and provides tools that help our partners create HIPAA compliant solutions.

Customizable and extensible

Our partners will receive their own white-labeled bot instance that can be embedded within your app or website. You can customize the built-in functionality and extend to introduce your own business flows through simple and intuitive visual editing tools.

Let’s make genetics simple, partner with us

We work with organizations not as clients or customers but as partners.

Our partners include healthcare providers, academic research institutions, biotechnology firms, direct-to-consumers genetic firms, payors and the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to provide digital genetic counseling and improving genetic health of consumers. Please connect with us if you would be interested in incorporating GeneFAX™ in your eco-system.

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