GeneFAX. Digital genetic assistance and counselling using artificial intelligence based conversational technologies.

Conversational AI platform for engaging and personalized counseling


GeneFAXTM is an AI powered conversational app empowering individuals to interrogate their genetic reports and relevant linked information. It brings to life a whole new way to interact with reports, using voice interactivity or as a text bot.

Built using natural language understanding, powerful ontologies and deep learning, GeneFAXTM works seamlessly with genetic reports from any provider. GeneFAXTM allows consumers and healthcare professionals alike to interactively query genetic reports. GeneFAXTM is built for Amazon Echo devices (Alexa) and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. GeneFAXTM provides highly personalised service 24X7, is always ready to understand questions and provide contextually accurate answers.

GeneFAXTM is the next generation of health management and is proactive, efficient, and on demand. This ‘digital genetic assistant’ not only empowers consumers but the entire organization by improving per patient outcome and focussing on the most important questions on hand.


Voice Interactive

Conversational AI


Clinical/ Consumer Genetic Reports

Genetic counselling

Patient Education

Raw Genetic Data

Enterprise Integration

GeneFAXTM powered by iPhronesis®

Cognitive Text Mining Engine that has the ability to understand complex scientific language and concepts.

Cognitive Text Mining

Natural Language Understanding

Deep Learning


Disease database

Auto crawlers

Varied Data Connectors

Knowledge Graphs


GeneFAXTM for carrier testing, prenatal testing, direct-to-consumer tests; and tests ordered by clinicians in the context of cancer or rare diseases. VCFGURU for in bioinformatics data analysis.


GeneFAXTM Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
GeneFAXTM for genomic research (VCF)

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OptraHEALTH is the leading Data-driven Intelligence Company focused on improving outcomes for consumers and life sciences and healthcare organizations. By combining our next generation Artificial Intelligence technology GeneFAXTM, with our team of domain experts, and a passion for solving complex scientific problems, we INNOVATE new products ACCELERATE scientific discovery and time-to-market, and OPTIMIZE efficiencies.

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