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As genetic testing becomes simpler, cheaper and faster, even more, individuals and families are turning to DNA testing, to gain better insights about their health. The maturity of DNA testing is generating meaningful results for patients and their families given the plethora of various studies and databases that contain silos of knowledge.

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GeneFAXTM: Worlds first conversational AI platform trained on genetics benefits consumers by providing engaging and personalized counseling assistance. Combining information of genetic testing and human genome, GeneFAXTM offers insights into the fascinating world of genetics.

GeneFAXTM is for everyone and allows you to ask questions relevant to genetic testing, from understanding the meaning of a test, or what to expect in a test and information about various genetic diseases. GeneFAXTM is not limited to just this and includes information about modern tests such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. Additionally, GeneFAXTM also includes information about genetic terms and concepts enabling you to gain information about wellness, health, traits, carrier status etc.

GeneFAXTM provides a powerful user-guidance system that slowly and accurately guides the user through the various questions they can ask about genomics.

GeneFAXTM is available as a mobile app on iOS devices, Android and Amazon Echo (Alexa).


MyGeneFAXTM is for consumers who have taken a genetic test and seek information about their own DNA test report, their risks for developing diseases, risks to their children and other family members. MyGeneFAXTM helps you understand genetic risks accurately and make informed choices.

MyGeneFAXTM works with genetic reports from all genetic testing providers. Consumers may ask questions explaining their report, or the meaning of the findings.

MyGeneFAXTM is your genetic counseling assistant that gives you an opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about you own genetic reports, as many times as you want.

GeneFAX™ is constantly acquiring new information about genetics, thereby empowering consumers with the most up to date information.

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CounselorConnectTM is an always-on always-ready add-on in GeneFAXTM that allows you immediately connect with a board-certified genetic counselor. Counselors review a full transcript of the conversion. This a priori knowledge allows for an even more meaningful and engaging conversation between the user and the genetic counselor.


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GeneFAX™ is a genetics chatbot that helps consumers understand genetic testing results by translating everything into conversational consumer-friendly explanations. We accomplish this by using artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to answer simple and complex questions. Consumers use GeneFAX™ on their mobile devices, worlds first genetics chatbot. GeneFAX™ is also available on Amazon Alexa and it’s the world’s first genetics voicebot that answers questions about genetics and DNA test result.

GeneFAXTM powered by iPhronesis®

Cognitive Text Mining Engine that has the ability to understand complex scientific language and concepts.

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GeneFAXTM for Enterprise

Deploy GeneFAXTM in your ecosystem and empower customers with accurate information. GeneFAXTM is available as chatbot and voicebot for pre-test and post-test genetic counseling while better understanding customer sentiments.

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GeneFAXTM Applications

GeneFAXTM brings conversational AI to multiple applications for various segments of the genomics industry.

E-counseling for Genomic health

E-counseling in genomic health industry

Digital assistant for Pharma Biotech

Digital field assistant for Pharma-Biotech

Genetic testing guidelines

Genetic testing guidelines for consent & follow-up

patient education

Patient & provider education

automation for payers

Independent review process
automation for payors


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GeneFAXTM Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
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GeneFAXTM for genomic research (VCF)
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OptraHEALTH is the leading Data-driven Intelligence Company focused on improving outcomes for consumers and life sciences and healthcare organizations. By combining our next generation Artificial Intelligence technology GeneFAXTM, with our team of domain experts, and a passion for solving complex scientific problems, we INNOVATE new products ACCELERATE scientific discovery and time-to-market, and OPTIMIZE efficiencies.

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Making the most of your genome? Are we there yet?

Ever since the human genome was sequenced, people have been fascinated with the idea of learning more about their genetic code, and what it could mean for them. Everything from their current health to their future longevity to their family history could be encoded in their genes. We've learned over time, though, that getting information about our genes isn't easy.

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