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About Us

About OptraHEALTH

Optra Health is the leading Data-driven Intelligence Company focused on improving outcomes for consumers and life sciences and healthcare organizations. By combining our next generation Artificial Intelligence technology GeneFAX™, with our team of domain experts, and a passion for solving complex scientific problems, we INNOVATE new products ACCELERATE scientific discovery and time-to-market, and OPTIMIZE efficiencies.

Optra Health was founded in the year 2014 based on the idea that AI can help in providing Genetic Counseling to everybody at a very low cost.

Our Mission

Optra Health is focused on making Genetic Counseling 100% available to all the population in the world. Empower users to take control of their Genetic Health with GeneFAX™.

Our Vision

To become the biggest informational source of Genetic Health information and guide users to make useful decisions.

Although We believe that a conversational AI can never replace a Human Genetic Counselor, but it can certainly help people to prepare for pre-test counseling and post-test counseling sessions.

- From CEO's desk