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GeneFAX™ for Enterprise

GeneFAX™ was developed with the mission of providing access to Genetic Health Care to all the people. To increase the reach of GeneFAX™ and help people gain access to world-class genetic counseling 'GeneFAX™ for Enterprise' was developed. GeneFAX™ for Enterprise is a Genetic Counseling System designed specifically for Genetic Testing Labs, Health Care systems, Payors, etc. It provides a range of genetic counseling services.

Conversational AI for Genomics

GeneFAX™ service is a cloud service that empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy, AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots that can be used to enhance their processes, self-service, and cost reduction efforts.

Built-in Genomic intelligence

GeneFAX™ comes with built-in healthcare AI services, including a patient triaging module and genomics knowledgebase curated from known industry resources, and language understanding models that are tuned to understand genomic and medical terminology.

Customizable and extensible

Our partners will receive their own white-labeled bot instance that can be embedded within your app or website. You can customize the built-in functionality and extend to introduce your own business flows through simple and intuitive visual editing tools.

Security and Compliance

The service aligns to industry and globally recognized security and compliance standards such as ISO 27001, 27018, and CSA Gold and GDPR and provides tools  that help our partners create HIPAA compliant solutions.
Deploy GeneFAX™ in your ecosystem and empower customers with accurate information. GeneFAX™ is available as chatbot and voice-bot for pre-test and post-test genetic counseling while better understanding customer sentiments.
GeneFAX™ for Enterprise contains the following modules to help organizations to provide world-class genetic counseling to their consumers.

GeneFAX™ brings conversational AI to multiple applications for various segments of the genomics industry.

E-counseling in the genomic health industry

Patient & provider education

Digital field assistant for Pharma-Biotech

Independent review process automation for payors

Genetic testing guidelines for consent & follow-up

Benefits of GeneFAX™ for Enterprise for your Organisation

  • Digital genetic counseling at nominal cost to attract more customers.
  • Get exclusive service in the form of transcript reports of your customer’s chat with GeneFAX™.
  • Freedom to your genetic counselors from answering the same repetitive questions, allowing them to invest their time to more complex cases.
  • Helps to create awareness, educates as well as liberates the users with accurate information about genetics.
  • Allows you to have total control of your data by providing dashboard option for reviewing language or data that you want to show to your customers.

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