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Genetic Counseling 101

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” – Winston Churchill

Do you want to stay healthy, be stronger and thrive? Did you know that genetic health is an interplay of your environment and your DNA?

GeneFAX™ can provide you with details on genetic health and can help you understand about how genetic health affects our everyday living. People with genetic disorders can also pass on their traits or disease conditions to their children. Other family members could be at risk too.

Has your healthcare provider suggested that you might need specific genetic testing?

If yes, then GeneFAX™ Panels may be helpful to you. GeneFAX™ Panels provides you the information about the use of Genetic Health for everyday living. GeneFAX™ looks at your partner and your genetic make up to understand if either of you are likely to have risks for genetic diseases or pass on the genetic risk to your future kids. Based on the information gathered from you, GeneFAX™ helps you to decide the right genetic test for you.

GeneFAX™ is easy to access from anywhere at any time, allowing you to know everything about carrier screening and make an informed decision about it.

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  • GeneFAX™ helps individuals or couples to make the right genetic testing decisions.
  • GeneFAX™ allows you to understand very specific genetic risks based on your gender or based on medical specialty.
  • You can ask GeneFAX™ any question about Genetic Health.
  • Connect with a genetic counselor at any time and have all your questions resolved.
  • Learn more about genetic traits that may run in your family.

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