Dr. Gauri Naik

Chief Executive Officer
Gauri is a biotechnologist with an extensive commercial research and entrepreneurial background. She has extensive experience working in the genetics, cytology, microbiology, molecular biology, medical imaging and bioinformatics fields.

Before founding Optra, she was the founder and principal scientist at BioImagene Inc., a Silicon Valley based digital pathology company which was acquired by Roche Diagnostics.

Gauri was selected as a young scientist for various research programs in biotechnology and microbiology internationally. She has 11 U.S. patents published to her credit. She has published many research papers in international journals and has participated as a speaker in many international conferences. She is on the editorial and advisory boards of many prestigious journals and forums, including the Journal of Applied & Translational Genomics and the International Organization for Rare Genetic Disorders. Gauri was also awarded with the prestigious “Woman Entrepreneur Award" by the government of India.

At Optra, Gauri is responsible for enriching the domain knowledge of her companies, as well as involved in the strategic planning and business development activities.