Ashwin Kotwaliwale

Product Manager - Knowledge Automation
Ashwin Kotwaliwale MD, PhD, has more than 15 years of experience in the biomedical informatics field. Originally trained as a medical doctor and then transitioned into bioinformatics, Dr. Kotwaliwale has great passion for developing software solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industry. He is deeply involved in technology and the domain side to accurately identify business requirements and provide innovative solutions.

Dr. Kotwaliwale’s research experience has empowered him to look at a problem from a domain focus and then provide an engineering implementation across domain boundaries. He has worked in genomics from the early days of arrays to advanced technologies such as next gen sequencing.

Recently Dr. Kotwaliwale has been involved in cutting edge software applications such as Big Data analytics from both the technology and domain application focused sides. He enjoys coding as well and has experience managing development teams and frontend customer interactions.